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Michael Kalagias

  • Happily married to my first and only wife, Cecilia Kalagias
  • Retired Public School Teacher
  • US Navy Veteran 
  • Life member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars
  • Former volunteer firefighter, currently on the Board of Directors for the Avoca Fire Department
  • Formerly on the Board of Directors for Benton County Water District #1

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What I Will Fight For

Fiscal Policy:

Our national debt is over $30Trillion and growing fast. This is not sustainable and is the single biggest threat to our national security and posterity. I pledge to vote against any bill that leads to a deficit or ads to the debt. I will support and propose only bills that are part of a balanced budget. I pledge to never raise taxes, but to cut spending so that taxes can also be cut.

Foreign Policy:

We should avoid entangling alliances and pursue free trade. We are not the world's policemen nor capable of solving all the worlds ills. While we should encourage and celebrate those that choose to voluntarily help and support those in need around the globe, we should not force people to give against their will nor be subject to world authorities such as the UN. We should strive for non-interventionism as opposed to meddling or isolationism.

Term Limits:

In an ideal world they are not necessary. We have elections for that. But we don't live in an ideal world, and ballot access restrictions and gerrymandering make removing elected officials at the ballot box difficult. I support term limits - no more than two terms per office. And if elected I vow to stick to that 2 term standard whether it's the law or not.

Health Care:

The cost of health care continues to skyrocket while the access continues to decline. The more the government gets involved, the worse it gets. We need to transfer away from insurance centered managed care systems to patient centered direct pay models.


At conception a unique human life is created. That individual is entitled to all the rights and protections granted every other child, including the right to life.

2nd Amendment:

The right to self defense and to keep and bear arms without infringement is absolute. There should be no government regulations, prohibitions, or registration requirements.

Criminal Justice:

The punishment for actual crimes needs to be severe enough not just to fit the crime, but also to deter it. That said, if there is no victim there is no crime. We have the highest incarceration rate in the developed world because we prosecute far too many people just because we disagree with their lifestyle choices and try to force our view of morality on others. We have already lost the war on drugs, it's past time to end it. No department should have a drug sniffing dog while rape kits go untested and violent crimes remain unsolved.

Military and Veterans' Issues:

Our country has a long history of letting down it's veterans. That needs to stop. First we need to honor our commitment made to veterans when they volunteered to serve. Then we need to quit asking our military to put themselves in harms way fighting other nations' proxy wars. Congress should formally declare war before any of our military is deployed overseas for combat and the national guard should never be deployed beyond our own borders.


Since the Department of Education was created in 1980, the quality of education has not improved at all. The amount spent on education, however, has skyrocketed. Most of that increased funding has gone into administrative costs and not into the classrooms. The federal Dept. of Ed. should be eliminated, and control over local schools returned to the parents and local districts. The government should get out of the student loan business and let individual institutions issue their own loans from their often considerable endowments.

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